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Acting for Commercials

In Commercial auditions, the format and the tempo are different than film or TV auditions.


This Class teaches the student comedy timing as it applies to film and TV Acting.

Improv Acting

Improv is the great way for an actor to learn to be more spontaneous and creative in their performances.

Fight Choreography

Stage combat or fight choreography is a specialized technique designed to create the illusion of combat.

Intro to Scene Breakdown

This basic course helps the actor learn how to breakdown a scene, side or script to get a better understanding of what the writer intended.

Kids Class

Does your child want to be a Professional Child Actor? This class provides the tool a child needs to get started in the film industry.

Actor's Intensive

A 4-hour class that teaches the student how to breakdown a scene and then apply those discoveries in their performances.


Auditioning can be nerve racking. This class helps build the confidence a Actor needs to get in front of the toughest Casting Director.


Develop the instincts and skills need to perform on camera naturally. We film our students acting an play it back with critique at the end of each class.

Advanced Character Breakdown

This class takes scene breakdown to a new level. Students will be taught to digest a scene(s) at a new level. Students will perform the scene only after the scene is properly analyzed.

Master's Class

This class is for the Actor who has successfully completed our other courses or for the season Actor looking for something a little more. We take a hard, deep look at the characters and learn to relate to them as professional artist.
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Our studio is ideal for:

No matter the category, we at DreamTraxx Studios is here to help you become the best you can be.   


We help our students learn the fundamentals they need to succeed in the entertainment industry. 


Being able to put your best foot forward is the key to any auditions. We can help you nail it every time.


Our goal is to ensure you get the best out of every performance.

Table Reads

Need a good space with comfortable chairs for your next table read. Give us a call about rates.

Why DreamTraxx Academy?

DreamTraxx Acting and Modeling Academy is the premier Academy for preparing the beginning and advanced actor and/or model with the right training, tools, and skills necessary to compete in the entertainment and fashion industries. If you are serious about a career in Acting and/or Modeling, Let us open a world of opportunities for you! All sessions are customized to tailor to the needs of each group as much as it is to the individual student.  Classes of all skill levels are set to meet the highest industry standards. DreamTraxx is a full-service Academy, with the right team to help you achieve your goals. We offer more than just training...We offer a path to success. 
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Who Are We?

DreamTraxx Academy is one of the premiere programs for preparing the beginning and advanced actor with the right education and skills necessary to start and compete in the business. If you are serious about an acting career, let us open a world of opportunities for you!
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We Work With The Best

Michael Cimino

Never Have I Ever (Tv Series) Netflix 2023
 "Hamster and Gretel" 2022
Training Day TV Series 2017
Anabelle Comes Home 2019
Love Victor (TV Series) HULU 2020-2022
Senior Year (Netflix) 2022

I started training with Frank and his school when I was around 10 years old. I was one of his first students. Without the classes I’ve taken over the years I wouldn’t be where I am today. They provided me with fundamentals and a foundation that I still rely on today. I’d say this is the best place to train in Las Vegas.


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  • If you want to become an actor then DreamTraxx Academy is the school to go to. It's a great environment that makes you feel like you're a part of a family. They always go the extra mile to make sure that you're developing your skills and they teach you what it means to become an actor.

    Franklin D.

  • I cannot say enough about DreamTraxx Academy. Most especially the acting coach Frank Parrillo. This man is an institution. He teaches you how to become an actor. I am living proof of that. Franks technique is amazing simple and absolutely phenomenal. He is a man of his word. He is a true friend. He is loved by many.

    Raf A.

  • There's no need to self teach acting when you've got a place like this right here in Vegas. This academy excels in teaching you techniques and then putting them into practice. Their goal is to get you good enough that you can start auditioning and man do they make that happen.

    Dilan P.

  • This place is where you need to go to if you want to become an actor. Everything about DreamTraxx Academy is absolutely amazing! They teach you all the skills and techniques you need to become a professional actor and they help you understand everything about the filmmaking industry. And Frank Parrillo is a great teacher!

    Noha A.

  • Great environment and very knowledgeable instructors who actually do care about the students and want to help you succeed. Frank is an amazing teacher who has 2 students ; Jalen Thomas Brooks and Michael Cimino, who have achieved their dreams thanks to him and is willing to help you too. The students here will also make you feel like family. No better place in Vegas than DreamTraxx.

    Jose G.

  • The best acting academy in Las Vegas, NV! A true "family" of actors who cheer one another on, no matter what. Instructors are very supportive, and want all students to grow and become successful, working actors. You will not receive better training than at DreamTraxx Academy!

    Jessica S.

  • DreamTraxx Academy is where you learn the skills required to become a professional working actor. There is so much to learn about the acting industry just like any career. I highly recommend this school if you want to jumpstart your knowledge with highly experienced trainers in the industry, who really care and help you along in your journey.

    Judy L.

  • The best place to become an actor. I've been here since January, performed in my first showcase yesterday and have already seen extraordinary results and strides in my progress as an actor. If you want to take your acting to the next level, Dreamtraxx is the place to be.

    jeremiah Brannan

  • DreamTraxx Academy is an amazing experience and full of amazing people. There's no better place to learn how to be an actor as well as what the acting profession is all about. This place is both like a great home because you constantly feel loved and supported and like a prestigious academy because the teachers are acting professionals with so much industry experience. And they love to teach! And they want you to succeed! And they fully prepare you to do so!

    Kayla DeVellis

  • Since moving to the West Coast, joining DreamTraxx Academy has definitely catapulted my acting career in the right direction. I’ve booked AMAZING projects, found a strong community, received great networking opportunities & coaching, signed with a terrific manager and LA agency & have become a more confident, thoughtful actor. I definitely owe my gratitude & success to Frank, Billy & Myles for setting me up for success in my transition from theatre into TV/Film. DreamTraxx is the topnotch choice for those wanting to accelerate your acting career & having the best support to do so.

    Syrena Sayed

  • I've been to several of the acting schools here in Vegas and DreamTraxx just simply stands out from the rest. It's a welcoming learning environment with a group of people who teach not only the craft, but also the business side of things as well. Out of all the schools I've checked out, DreamTraxx is the only one I'd recommend to others. Also, you really just can't beat their prices!

    Dr. Colleen Meyer

  • The teachers and fellow students are the best. They make feel welcome and make feel like family. I started going there a month ago and they are really good at what the teach you there. I am glad to have found a really good school to help me pursue my career in acting.

    Crescencio Vargas

  • Been going here for a few years, it's AMAZING! I've enjoyed the classes. Frank (co-owner/teacher) is the best. He just tells you how it is but in the best way. Be ready to focus on breaking down scripts, camera angles, character analysis, improvising, etc. Overall, just a professional establishment. BEST acting school in LV, no competition. Make sure to visit DreamTraxx Academy. Whether you are trying to improve your people/communication skills (acting/reacting) or looking to start your acting career. Start training now. Worth it :)

    Jay B

  • The instructors at DreamTraxx Academy are very professional and knowledgeable. I enjoy being in a place where they about my growth as an actor. They teach practical techniques that I can apply when I’m on a film set. I take Acting for the Camera with Frank Parillo and Improv for the Actor with Michael Kearney and they have been extremely helpful. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater and I’m still learning new things at DreamTraxx Academy. Wonderful people, great community and friendly environment. Highly recommended!

    Abby S

  • I spent a month enrolled in Dreamtraxx when I was visiting Las Vegas and I wish I could have stayed! Everyone was so friendly and supportive. The classes push you to be better and at the same time equips you with necessary skills to become an actor and break into the industry. Frank and his team are so professional and truly want the best for each individual and their journey. Would highly recommend this school.

    Rebecca Southard

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn at your school?

We teach the skills needed to seek a career in Film and Television Arts. This Includes Improv, On-Camera and Scene breakdown skills as well as performance critique.

Will I learn how to perform in a play?

While acting for Theatre and Film/Television are similar, they have some unique differences. We only focus on Film and Television skills.

Does your school help get us an Agent/Manager?

The responsibility of getting an Agent or Manager to sign someone belongs to the performer. We do provide opportunities for actors to get in front of these people to display their talent.

Has your school ever had any success getting your students on TV or in Movies?

Yes! Several of our students have booked parts on TV shows and in Movies. A list of our student’s accomplishments can be found on the Success page.

How long does it take to become a working actor?

Everyone is different, but we find a student generally feels good enough to start auditioning after the first year and no long after that starts to book their first roles. Some do it faster and others slower. This is a journey, not a race.

What’s the youngest students you accept?

We accept students from ages 7-99 years young.

Are people ever scared to get into Acting?

Absolutely! It is quite normal to feel anxious about getting started in acting. Getting in front of a group of strangers can be overwhelming but the good news is that we are all in this together and no one is here to judge.

What sets your school apart from all the other acting school out there?

Good question! Price for one, DreamTraxx Acting Academy charges a fraction of what other acting school with our success rate charge. Commitment to our student’s success is the biggest one though, we really long to see our actors be successful.

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