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Frank Parrillo
Award Winning Film Producer
and Acting Coach
Mr. Parrillo's versatile resume spans across multiple facets of the entertainment industry, including producing, acting, directing, screenwriting, editing, cinematography, casting, and serving as an acting coach.

Frank boasts an impressive track record as an Executive Producer and Producer, having helmed over 60 projects comprising films, TV episodes, a reality series, and training films. He has also excelled in producing acting showcases, workshops, and actor boot camps.

A member of SAG-Aftra and The Producers Guild of America, Frank actively contributes to the industry by serving on the education committee for the Producers Guild.

Co-founding the highly successful 1 Media Productions, Frank has left his mark with notable releases such as "Project: Puppies for Christmas" starring John Ratzenberger and "1 Interrogation" featuring Tom Arnold. Currently, he's in pre-production for "1 Dark Night," for which he serves as the producer and screenwriter. Additionally, he produced the TV series "The Nightmare Gate Box."

At DreamTraxx Studios, Frank is been deeply involved in nurturing talent.

With a career spanning decades, Frank's acting journey began in 1979 during his high school years, leading him to feature in over 20 full-length productions and numerous skits.

As an esteemed instructor, Frank imparts his expertise in various disciplines including acting for green screen, advanced acting for the camera, character development, auditioning techniques, cold reading, script analysis, and the business of acting. He is also highly sought-after as a private coach.

In his role as an associate casting director, Frank has contributed to the casting process of over 20 films and commercials.

Notably, Frank's experience as a producer extends to negotiating contracts for esteemed talents such as John Ratzenberger and Tom Arnold.

Moreover, Frank is a proud veteran of the US Army, further exemplifying his dedication to service.

You can read the latest article on Mr. Parrillo in Haute Living:
Sam Cosby
Beginners Acting Coach

Samantha Cosby's journey as an actress began humbly at Dreamtraxx Academy, where she embarked on her acting career with no prior experience. Through sheer determination and unwavering dedication, she swiftly honed her craft and ascended to new heights in her acting abilities.

Now, Samantha imparts her invaluable knowledge by teaching the fundamentals of the scene breakdown process. Her firm belief in trusting the process and the transformative power of hard work serves as inspiration to her students.

In late 2023, Samantha's remarkable progress and dedication were recognized when she was promoted to lead the Beginners Acting Class at DreamTraxx, a testament to her passion and talent in the art of acting.

Michael Kearney
Auditioning /Improv Acting Coach
Michael Kearney has spent a decade of his life honing his craft as an actor. His acting credits consist of lead roles in Off-Broadway productions of: Into the Woods (The Baker), All My Sons (Joe Keller), Rumors (Ken Gorman), and The Pajama Game (Sid Sorokin). Since becoming an instructor nearly 2 years ago, Michael has coached over 750 actors on auditions for network TV shows such as This is Us, The Boys, Wu Tang: An American Saga, Tyler Perry’s The Oval, and many more. As a teacher at Dreamtraxx, his primary focus is teaching actors the basics of the industry and building an actor’s confidence in themselves and their natural abilities.

“The first step to becoming a good actor is being comfortable and confident in who you are and what you can naturally bring to the table, then being able to play those attributes believably in imaginary circumstances. The rest you’ll learn along the way.” - Michael Kearney
Jeremiah Brannan
Actor, Martial Artist, & Combat Stuntman

Jeremiah Brannan is a versatile talent, excelling as an actor, martial artist, and seasoned stage combat stuntman. With nearly a decade of training across various disciplines, he seamlessly integrates his martial arts prowess into his acting performances.

Now, Jeremiah is leveraging his extensive experience to educate aspiring actors on the essential core principles of fight choreography. His comprehensive training program equips actors with the skills necessary to become proficient and successful stage combat stunt performers.

Leo Sewell
Urban Dynamics Acting Class

Leo Sewell is a seasoned professional in acting and coaching, known for his passion and dedication to the craft. With decades of experience, he has left a lasting impact on both the stage and the educational arena. As an actor, Leo brings captivating performances to life, while as a coach, he empowers aspiring talents with his innovative approach and nurturing guidance. Leo's influence extends far beyond his roles, as he continues to inspire and shape the future of acting with each student he mentors.

Jennifer Gallego
Jennifer Gallego, a multifaceted talent in the realms of acting and modeling, originally from Houston, Texas, embarked on a transformative journey nearly five years ago when she relocated to Las Vegas in pursuit of advancing her career to new heights. Today, in addition to her thriving career, she shares her expertise by teaching modeling at Dreamtraxx Studios.

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